Friday, January 16, 2009

what is grace jones doing right now???

this has been ongoing joke for me.  when i worked at louis vuitton, apparently the people in charge of music for the company were obsessed with grace jones.  it made me think about celebrities and such and more specifically grace.  she is so avant garde and left of center i really wanted to know what is she doing right now while i am in a uniform suit, feet hurting, inside a mall waiting for customers.  so i started my question everytime a grace jones song came on..."What is Grace Jones doing RIGHT NOW this very second?!"  There were many creative answers to this question.  I found this photo of grace in the early eighties with john waters' muse, divine.  this photo is priceless, i love it so much!!!  examine the photo, grace on motorcycle (in heels) and hood, divine, nearly naked men in g-strings...AWESOME! As I imagined her life being like what is going on in this photo all the time, she must have done things not so glamorous and decadent.  Maybe standing in front of the fridge with door open in a silk kimono (naked underneath of course) wondering if she should eat the jello pudding cup or the leftover thai food...LOL

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